Check Your Apartment Before Renting

You are shifting to a new place, or your new job requires relocation, or you feel a need to change your apartment because the one you’re living in gives you a lot of trivial pains, you need to be sure that your new apartment is sound and livable.

To avoid any future difficulties and unnecessary complications, it’s important to be sure of a few things first before finalizing on an apartment. Be it apartments in Madison AL or Los Angeles CA, here are a few of the most important things you must check before renting the apartment:

Check all the doors and windows by opening and closing them. Changing them later would neither be easy nor cheap.

Fill up all the tubs, basins and sinks to check the drains are working properly. Wetness in drains causes algae and fungi to grow up if left long unused. Check for any fractures, cracks or leaks in the tubs and basins.

Open up all the taps and faucets to check whether they are working fine. You don’t want to stretch yourselves to your maximum to remove whatever is blocking them.

While you are opening up the water taps, let it run for a while and then taste it to check if the supply is working fine. The pipes may get old add something to your water you may not want to drink. Also, check for any leakage in the piping, which is another source of contamination.

Light up the fireplace to see if the chimneys are working fine. Most of the chimneys grow weird foliage and cobwebs that are harder to remove when you start using your fireplace. Ask for a chimney cleaning service to clean out the smoke path if you find the need. Any blockage in the chimney may cause smoke to settle inside the room in low quantities, but it may have adverse effects on your heath in the long run.

Remove the carpets to see the condition of the floor below. In moist weathers, without any fire in the house, molds form beneath most carpets. It’s mandatory to check the carpets in the lowest portions of the floor, where any undergrowth of mildew or thick mold starts first.

Check all the electric panels in the apartment. There might be small animals nesting inside your electrical fitting, or more dangerous naked live wires ready to be shorted. Make sure the panels are well fitted and clean.

Make sure that the wooden cabinets in your kitchen are not stained. Many stains are actually stubborn growths of harmful microbes that may infect your food in no time.

Put your ear to all the walls that separate you from your neighbors. Check if the walls are thick enough to block sound or you’re going to listen their creepy noise all the time.