Haunted Apartments – An Adventurous Experience

It was last week when I heard about the apartments in Madison al to have created an obscure perception in the minds of the inhabitants. It is not compliant when we have to know that we are also surrounded by some unwanted beings. Same was the case with these apartments. On considerate research, I found out that this whole plot of the area where it is located was once a vineyard. But, one day the whole plot was put on fire by a cult community who believed that it encouraged being drunk. Today, in this era, I cannot find a single reason to cut on my pleasure for the mere illogical reasons, personified by the rare taste of some people.

It is said that this place will remain haunted forever no matter how nice a realm may cultivate. I always see through things by intellectuality and not through emotions. We all must follow reason as everything happens for a reason. I went to these apartments to find out how exciting things were following. First, I met a security guard at the huge bowering gates. Now, that big guy seemed frightened even in the daylight of fortune. I call it his fortune as these people only wanted daytime and not nights, maybe because of his night shifts. But, the case was quite different here. He said that there was a breach of security in the lives of the inhabitants by a group of ghosts. He continued saying that all these ghosts were part of the same family. He could see a man, a woman, a boy, a girl, and their grandparents. He sounded unreasonable to me.

I went into this luxurious apartment to have a view. The grandeur of this masterfully created piece of architecture gloried in everyone’s imagination. But they said it was now haunted. The silver hairs were altogether busy in gossiping and spreading more of these rumors. We know that we must respect our elders and take appropriate advice. But, we must listen to our incentives which reason out for an explanation. When I went into one of the rooms where it was said that a boy cries in its balcony, I could feel nothing. Sometimes, not feeling a thing is more deceptive. I went on observing the whole scene and listening to interesting gossips. I didn’t know that night had crept in quite so fast. I decided to go back home. On my way, I thought how unreasonable and ignoramus the people can be. How can they believe in such things and even get time to ponder over them to contradict your understanding?

At midnight, I glued my eyes irresistibly to the laptop screen to search more about the phantoms. At that time, I could feel a luring sensation in my body. The aroma of the air in the room suddenly felt captivating. I didn’t know why, but it happened. Then, as I looked outside the window to give my wandering thoughts a break, I found myself damned to believe that it was a ghost.