About us

We are a content website that prides itself in being the first one to get the inside scoop on matters that are close to the hearts of the thousands of daily visitors to our website. Created in the first decade of this millennium, we have since become a recognizable content force.

Our readers range from the stereotypical technology wizards that visit our platform, to the occasional or once off visitors who get a lot of information from the articles we publish. Attention to details is not just another three word phrase we use in our writing campus, we live it and this can not be any more visible in the work we publish.

Because being a content publish company requires maintaining the balance between talking and listening, we take all our readers’ comments with as much seriousness as they deserve. Our entire team of staff will drop whatever they would be doing and respond to a reader, regardless of the time of day or where they happen to be.

We measure a lot, this has helped us focus on the most responsive elements of providing content, something we plan to implement through the next decades of providing the best tech content on the planet.