Finding Cheap Auto Insurance in Georgia

Finding cheap auto insurance in Georgia is relatively easy and certainly easier than most states. The average cost of car insurance here is less than the national average. If you are living in the rural areas of the state, you can expect to pay less than urban areas like Atlanta. However, the state offers very affordable insurance for cars, overall.

Finding Your Niche

First, you need to know what type of driver you are and how you appear to car insurance companies. Your risk factors may or may not be suited for certain companies. Some companies are better suited for young drivers, some to seniors and others to people who also need to insure their homes. If you own a luxury vehicle, you will find companies that specialize in that category of auto insurance. If you’re a higher risk driver, finding an insurance provider that’s comfortable as well as experienced on working with high risk drivers is imperative.
Understanding The Rates
To find cheap or affordable car insurance in Georgia that provides the protection you need, you’ll need to understand the rates. You need to know what is used to determine what you will pay. Also, your exact location is imperative for several reasons since crime rate, traffic and cost of living are considered when determining rates. The type of car you want to insure is ideally important as the cost of repairs and replacement as well as horsepower and safety features are often calculated. This simply means that an expensive BMW sports car will be more expensive to insure compared to a typical Sedan. Lastly, the risk factors associated with you are also considered so keep that in mind. Age, sex, occupation, credit history and how often you drive will all play a role in determining the premiums. Fortunately, most of these factors are within your control and so, if you manage to keep a good driving record and credit score, you’ll find yourself the darling of insurance companies.
Companies to Consider
It also helps to have an idea of where to start looking for firms offering affordable auto insurance. Yes, there are big insurance firms that operate nationwide such as GEICO, but there are other options that you may want to consider. Some include:
DeerBrook Insurance

Horace Mann Insurance

Fireman’s Fund

Patriot General

AMCO Insurance

Sentry Group


There are over 80 firms providing car insurance in Georgia and so, the only to find the best deal is by comparing them.